Keesha's House
Keesha's House has been performed in two ways, from a script, and from the book itself. I have been amazed and impressed by young actors’ ability to memorize and interpret the long monologues.


Please contact Curtis Brown, Ltd. for information about performing Keesha's House.

Phone: 212-473-5400.

Ask for the Dramatic Rights Department.


Keesha's House on Stage

A few of the performances have been:

Fort Wayne Youtheatre presented the World Premiere of Keesha's House at the Performing Arts Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana April 24 and 25, 2004.

On May 27-29, 2004 Janet Casson directed a performance of Keesha's House at the Old Arizona in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In this performance, the actors performed the poems directly from the book.

On November 9-12, 2004, students at Hopkins High School, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, directed by John Trow, performed the poems using the book.

On April 23-24, 2005, Cara Gorman and Micah J.L. Kronlokken produced Keesha’s House as their senior theatre project in Mankato Minnesota. (See cast photo at right.)

March 24, 2006: Geyer Middle School, Fort Wayne, Indiana, directed by Kathy Connely.

Above: Sara Gorman as Stephie, Tanner Flitter as Jason, Nacia Schreiner as Keesha, Mollie Fisher as Carmen, Alex Johnson as Harris, and Jessica Doughert as Katie. (Mankato, Minnesota)
Below: Simone Mudd as Keesha (World Premiere, Fort Wayne Youtheatre, Fort Wayne, Indiana)