Candlewick, 2019

The story of a sandhill crane family, told in poetry and photographs.


Perfect for ages 2-6 (preschool-first grade)

Great for new parents and older readers too!


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Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Children will easily relate to Frost's depiction of the chick's daring inquisitiveness while simultaneously finding comfort in the affirming theme of constant parental guidance and caring. With yet another seamless marriage of verse and image, readers will hope Frost and Lieder's creative union continues as long as that of their happily wed sandhill subjects.


School Library Journal

This author-illustrator pair have teamed up for a number of beautiful celebrations of the natural world, but this might be the most enchanting one yet...The home-away-from-home narrative arc ends perfectly with a nap on “Mama’s strong wings.” These simple abcb quatrains scan beautifully—a good thing, since this will likely be requested over and over. Perfectly matched text and images make this a grand entrance.



Frost’s short, rhyming verses help listeners imagine what the chick might hear, see, feel, and think. Often riveting and sometimes touching, Lieder’s beautifully lit photographs work well with the expressive text. A pleasing picture book that reads aloud well.


Kid's Ink Bookstore, Indianapolis, Indiana

Told in verse, Hello, I’m Here! is an up-close view of the first weeks in the life of a Sandhill Crane.

The photos beautifully accompany the poetry written by Ms. Frost and both are engaging enough to hold the attention of any child.

If seeking more knowledge about the cranes, a brief description is included in the back of the book.

• Karen Riester