SWEEP UP THE SUN (ages 2-8)
Candlewick Press, March 10, 2015


Spread your feathers and stretch your wings—experience a sensation of flying as you turn the pages of this beautiful book. Rick Lieder’s stop-motion photographs, accompanied by my poem, show you the world from a new perspective as you swoop and soar through the sky, enjoying a few mid-air adventures, and in the end, return safely home.


This book will make a beautiful gift for bird-lovers of all ages, as well as for anyone setting out on a new adventure.

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SWEEP UP THE SUN is on the NCTE 2016 Notable Poetry for Children List

SWEEP UP THE SUN is included in Bank Street College Best Children's Books of the Year, 2016

SWEEP UP THE SUN is a Nerdy Book Club Award winner for 2015 Poetry and Novels-in Verse. Great list of poetry!


"There are no exotics here — among the revelations in this book is how a rather workaday cast of North American avian characters can be elevated by close attention. The ordinariness of the birds — sparrows, cardinals, mallard ducks and the like — fit Frost’s words, which aim for everyday uplift. They are written in a kind of exhortational free verse, encouraging the reader or listener to emulate the courage and drive of any bird learning to fly, then mastering the sky. “Rise into the air / on the strength of your wings,” she begins. The dazzling image is of a blue jay, young-looking but steady, ascending almost vertically, with outstretched wings." Maria Russo

New York Times May 27, 2015

"All-around gorgeous; Frost and Lieder again showcase the splendor of nature through the happy marriage of literal and figurative images."

Kirkus Review (Starred)


starred review from Publishers Weekly:

Frost and Lieder follow Step Gently Out with another winning combination of sensitive verse and striking photography, this time taking an inspirational approach that makes the book equally well-suited for graduation gift-giving and moments of everyday encouragement. “Spread your feathers,/ sweep up the sun,/ ride the wind and explore,” writes Frost as a cardinal is shown in midflight, its wings remarkably translucent against a wintry background. Detailed information about the 11 pictured birds adds heft and context to a book that will have readers marveling at these easily overlooked finches, jays, and sparrows while taking heart in its message of one’s ability to thrive and even soar in a big, wide world. Ages 2–5. (Mar.)