2017 - 2018 Events

School visits, 2017-2018

October 17-19—South High School, Worcester, Massachusetts

November 2--Graham Elementary, Austin, TX

November 16--Alexandria, Indiana

November 17--Whispering Meadows Elementary, Fort Wayne


March 13--North Creek Elementary School, Chelsea, Michigan

March 14--Washington Street Education Center, Chelsea, Michigan

March 29--Sharp Creek Elementary School, Wabash, Indiana

April 27--Mt. Vernon Middle School, Fortville, Indiana

June 20--Appleseed Writing Project, Fort Wayne, Indiana

July 3--Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan

(Early October)--South High School, Worcester, Massachusetts

October 19--Indiana College Teachers of English conference, Keynote

Indianapolis, Indiana

Above: Artwork from Salt River High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, where students have been reading The Braid.
Photo by Mah-Vic Masten
Below: girls at Kentucky Book Fair speak to Helen Frost about Diamond Willow.