Scheduling Visits and Ordering Books

To arrange a school or community visit, please contact Kate Kubert Puls for information about fees and availability.

Here's some information about what I do.


I have several different presentations, based on my different books; each is flexible in length and can be adapted to different ages and group sizes. I can also give a more general program, including conversation about all my books, adapted to the age of the audience.

For Grades K-3, I usually speak about my picture books and/or APPLESAUCE WEATHER.

My presentation for Monarch and Milkweed, includes photographs of monarchs in all stages, in Mexico and North America (this program can be geared for older audiences as well).

A program for the books I create with photographer Rick Lieder (Step Gently Out, Sweep Up the Sun, Among a Thousand Firefliest, and Wake Up! ) can be arranged with either one of us or, if you have funding to bring two authors/illustrators, we can present together.

For older elementary students (grades 3+), I offer several programs:

I can speak about all my books for this age in a general way, or I can give specific programs focussed on any of the books.

Room 214: A Year in Poems (the hardcover edition of this book is Spinning Through the Universe), includes a discussion of formal structures in poetry. If time permits, I can give a poetry workshop based on this book.)

Diamond Willow includes photographs of my life in Alaska and conversation about the process of writing the poems.

Salt focuses on the process of research and writing historical fiction/. Dani Tippmann, a member of the Miami Nation, is sometimes a co-presenter in programs about this book.

Hidden is for older elementary or middle school students. I discuss writing the story, and talk about some of the issues the story raises.

Middle School students can appreciate programs based on any of my novels. My presentations for younger middle school students are usually based on Room 214: A Year in Poems (Spinning Through the Universe), Diamond Willow, Hidden, Salt, and When My Sister Started Kissing. Older students can also appreciate Keesha's House, The Braid, and Crossing Stones.

For High School, most of my programs are based on Keesha's House, The Braid, Crossing Stones or Hidden.

A typical one-day school visit consists of three presentations based on my books (40-60 minutes each). Sometimes one or more of the sessions is focussed on the students' writing. If I am teaching students to write poetry, the groups should be smaller (20-40) and the time alloted slightly longer (at least an hour).


My publishers offer a 40% discount on books when an author visit is scheduled. Information about each publisher, and the book or books published by them, is found below.


For information about books published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (KEESHA'S HOUSE, Room 214: A YEAR IN POEMS (SPINNING THROUGH THE UNIVERSE), THE BRAID, DIAMOND WILLOW, CROSSING STONES, HIDDEN, SALT, and WHEN MY SISTER STARTED KISSING), You may contact: Carol Monteiro

175 Fifth Ave | New York, NY 10010

P: (646) 307-5370 | F: (212) 598-9173


Go to the Simon and Schuster website for information about ordering MONARCH AND MILKWEED.



Thank you for booking an event with a Helen Frost! To follow is information on how to order books for your event.

∑ Event orders are assigned a 40% discount off the cover price (For Example, if $15.99 is the cover price for the titles, the discounted price is $9.59)

∑ Orders must be paid with a credit card (refunds for returns will be made to the card) or paid by check (this takes longer, as the distributor has to receive and process the check before shipping the order)

∑ Regular shipping is free (though you will be charged if expedited shipping is necessary) and the books are fully returnable.

∑ You are responsible for all return shipping charges. If you think you may need to return books, you will want to copy your packing slip to include with the return shipment.

When you are ready to place the order (usually about 3-4 weeks prior to the event) simply contact the Customer Service Department of our distributor, Penguin Random House, at 800-733-3000. You have the option of either opening an account with PRH by email or calling customer service at 800-733-3000, or you can place a one-time event order using the same customer service line. One thing to note is that if you choose to place a one-time event order, you have to pay up front. Penguin Random House will charge sales tax unless they are provided with the required tax exemption documentation.

They will need the following information:

* The title and ISBN number:

STEP GENTLY OUT (ISBN (978-0763656010),

SWEEP UP THE SUN (ISBN 978-0763669041)



WAKE UP! (ISBN 978-0763681494)

*Number of books you would like to order

*Where you would like them to be shipped (including a contact name and phone number)

*Date of the event or date you need the books

*Credit card information including the billing address

*Your tax exempt certificate will need to be faxed to them; the person working on your order will give you the fax number.

For simplicity, many schools and libraries prefer to work with a local bookstore. But Penguin Random House works very well when there is no local partner.

I want to help ensure a smooth and successful event, so please donít hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. You can reach me at 617-588-4512 (phone), 617-623-4912 (fax), or e-mail me at: author appearances.

I can send you digital images of book covers, a list of available titles, author/illustrator photographs, and promotional materials (if we have any).


To arrange a school or community visit, please contact Kate Kubert Puls for information about fees and availability.

When writing to me, please use the title of one of my books as a subject header.

Signing books at Reynoldsburg High School, Reynoldsburg, Ohio.
South High School, Worcester, Massachusetts